3dLacrosse comes to Utah!

The Utah Warriors have officially joined the “3d Alliance” – a platform aimed at creating partnerships with like-minded lacrosse organizations across the country that are working to improve the quality of players and the coaching available in their respective regions.

With this partnership, the Utah Warriors now provide young lacrosse players and coaches in Utah access to the awesome curriculum, methodology, & resources of 3d Lacrosse the nation’s fastest growing lacrosse services company.

The 3d Alliance assists regional and local lacrosse clubs across the country create broader opportunities for both players and coaches by providing a long list of important resources and services that many organizations currently lack. From behind- the-scenes administrative support to on-field training to access at national tournaments and showcases, the 3d Alliance helps club reach new levels of success by drawing on 3d Lacrosse’s vast infrastructure and network of people, resources and intellectual property.

At the very core of the 3d Alliance is 3d Lacrosse’s understanding of the importance of training and its ability to deliver the best training opportunities in the game. Each year, 3d Lacrosse trains more than 35,000 players nationally using its proprietary Box-Field HybridTM Development System that combines the high-speed, tight stick-handling and ball control of box lacrosse with the team-based field strategies used by the most successful Division I college programs.

As part of the 3d Alliance, training comes by way of workshops that immerse coaches in an educational experience. 3d “Master Coaches” will work with the Warriors coaching staff to create a customized training plan tailored to create the greatest impact on player development.

The 3d Alliance offering includes a highly beneficial continuing education component.  Warrior coaches have access to the 3d Methodology Video Library, a one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge resource.   This video library represents decades of cumulative knowledge possessed by the 3d coaching staff.

The Utah Warrior Club is dedicated on developing better lacrosse players and coaches in Utah, and this partnership is guaranteed to provide an unparalleled developmental experience.