About The Utah Warriors Club

Our mission is to provide people in Utah with the absolute best developmental lacrosse experience imaginable.  With a core-coaching staff that is simply unmatched from extensive lacrosse experience both playing and coaching, we provide the resources and opportunities to develop both coaches and young kids into high-level lacrosse players, and great people.

The Utah Lacrosse Club is not just “comp” or “showcase” club.  We don’t just go out and try to bring in already top-level players – we create top-level players.   We have opportunities for players at every skill level from brand new to the sport to the most elite of their age group.  We put our focus teaching players fundamentals and competitive spirit that prepares them for future success on and off the lacrosse field.

Annual Sessions:

We offer two 8 – 10 week sessions each calendar year, a “Summer Session” and a “Fall/Winter Session.”  This format allows our players the chance to participate in with other sports and activities without conflict (which we strongly encourage).

         Summer Session Dates:     ~ June 1st – July 31st
         Fall Session Dates:    ~ October 15th – December 15th

Our Program

Our club is about development of both lacrosse coaches and players.   Though common practice for all clubs these days, we are not interested in just attracting and coaching players already playing at a high-level.  Instead, we work with players and coaches at all skill levels, and help them reach their next level.  To achieve this, we operate teams at 2 different levels, promoting competition and rewarding progress.new-levels

Club Teams

Warrior teams provides both a “recreational” and a “competitive” experience.  The way we manage our club team rosters assures all players plenty of attention, practice reps, and game experience, as well as challenges them to strive for the next level by rewarding attendance, effort, and individual progress.

Warrior Teams  (Recreational Level – Open Registration)
These teams provide all players a great team experience focused on learning the game, having fun, and mastering textbook fundamental skills in a competitive environment.  Each team has multiple weekly practices and competes in a number of inter-club games as well as local tournaments & events each session.

All players on a Warrior Team roster participates in all team practices and “local/rec events” each session.                        

Warrior Select Teams  (Competitive Level, Selective)
“Warrior Select” teams provides an additional “competitive” team experience for players and coaches of Warrior Club teams.   This is optional, but we want all players to strive to reach the playing level of our Select teams.  These teams provide upper-level players with an opportunity to compete with and against a higher-level competition at select events each session.  Warrior Select teams receive exclusive gear, are led by our Warrior Select Coaches and assisted by our Warrior Team coaches which also provides our developing coaches a great opportunity to be challenged at a higher level.

Select rosters have up to 20 Warrior players who are interested in also participating in a “Comp-Level” tournament.   Warrior-Team Players who are interested in playing in a particular event on a Warrior-Select team can simply register, and then the coaching staff for the respective Warrior-Select team may select them to join the roster.  The roster is based on the following criteria:

                Criteria 1: The personnel needs of each roster for the respective event. 
                Criteria 2: Player’s recent attendance, participation, & attitude at practices and events
                Criteria 3: The skill-level of each respective player.  

Coach Development

Because the sport of lacrosse is still relatively new to Utah, there isn’t a huge number of coaches around and there aren’t many Dad’s who had the opportunity to play lacrosse in their glory days, let alone knew what it was!  A big part of our mission is to not only develop players, but to also provide an opportunity for people to develop as coaches.

Anyone interested in becoming an assistant coach and helping with a Warrior Team is encouraged to contact our Club Director Rick Kladis.  As you develop, you can take on more responsibility with Warrior Teams and even move up to a Warrior Select team!