Our History

The Utah Warrior’s Lacrosse Club is the oldest, and most successful lacrosse club in the state of Utah.

Founded as “Team Utah” in the mid-90s by Mason Goodhand, the man primarily responsible for introducing the sport to the state of Utah, and has grown from a single team traveling to Colorado for a few pick-up games, into a well-respected, prominent lacrosse club in the Western United States.

The club has always set itself apart by providing the highest level coaching staff and a dedication to development.  Past coaches include the likes of Craig Morris, Dave Allen, Drew Searl, Fish Bartlett, and Jason Lamb, all extremely accomplished and well-known contributors to the sport in the state of Utah, and the staff continues to be unparalleled.

In 2004, as the club continued to grow, Goodhand passed on ownership of the club to Bruce and Colleen Grogg.  Under the Groggs, the club aligned with Adrenaline and their “Starz” program, changing the club’s name to the “Utah Starz.”  While the focus of skill-development remained a top priority, this partnership provided the players in the program access to countless more resources for increasing their national exposure through camps, clinics, and invitational tournaments and showcases, and laid the foundation for the explosion of popularity of the Adrenaline brand.  In 2012, the Utah Starz was ranked as the #4 lacrosse club in the western United States.

After both their boys had moved on to college, Bruce and Colleen decided to move on as well and in May of 2013, Rick Kladis, a one-time player for “Team Utah,” the first High School All-American from the state of Utah, and former Head Coach at Gonzaga University and the University of Utah, took ownership of the club.  This change was be viewed as a great success for the club as it had completed a “coaching generation” and now can truly show how the club is “developing those who will return to develop the future,” a positive trend for the sport in the Utah.

In 2016, the club lacrosse scene in Utah had changed a great amount.  There were dozens of competitive clubs and the primary focus had shifted from developing players and raising the level of the sport to recruiting elite-players and winning trophies.  In order to better focus on fundamentals and actual player development the club dropped the high school age group teams and instead focused on both recreational and competitive experience for youth age group.  With the renewed focus on development, the club also dropped their affiliation with Adrenaline and partnered with 3d Lacrosse, an organization that has exploded in the lacrosse world primarily due to the resources they make available to help players and coaches develop.  With this change, the club dropped the “Starz” name and officially returned to “The Utah Lacrosse Club” and became the “Warriors.”

Today, after almost twenty years of existence and having seen many other clubs pop-up only to disappear a few years later, the Utah Lacrosse club still remains the premier lacrosse club in the state of Utah for young lacrosse players to develop as lacrosse players and young men on and off the lacrosse field.