Club Requirements & Expectations

To provide the best experience for all players, all Warriors players and parents are required to abide by the following Club Requirements and Expectations:

  • Players on all teams are expected to attend the large majority of practices each session.  Also, all Warrior Players are required to register for (making themselves eligible to be selected to the roster) for at least one of the “competitive/travel tournaments” offered each session.  Should a player need to miss a practice, they (or their parents) are expected to contact their coach ahead of time to let them know.  Players who are repeatedly late (practices and games) or miss multiple practices or events will have reduced playing time and may be removed from the club without a refund to give their spot to another player.
  • Our coaching methods and philosophies can be unique but it is absolutely necessary that our players and parents understand them, and support them.  Our mission is clear and our methods and philosophies have proven themselves to be extremely effective!
  • Players on a Utah Warrior team roster may be a part of other clubs, leagues, organizations, etc. However, players may not participate on the roster of another team at an event or tournament which their Utah Warriors team is participating.   We expect players to commit to their teammates and coaches, and compete for each other so even if it isn’t with us, be sure to pick and stick with your team.
  • Players on teams are required to wear their current Utah Warriors uniform during all practices and games along with all other required equipment and gear.
  • Negativity, bullying, fighting, and any inappropriate language or behavior is not acceptable.  We expect our players to respect themselves, their coaches, their teammates, and their families who make playing in our club possible, and last but certainly not least, we expect them to honor the game.
  • We do not want parents/fans to “coach from the sidelines.”  This now-common trend can be very confusing for players and has a very detrimental impact on their development and enjoyment of playing the sport.  We want our parents to be very involved and cheer hard for their players and our teams, but we expect parents to leave the coaching during practices and games to our coaches, and of course to honor the game by never being negative toward officials or opposing teams.  If parents are interested in coaching, we’d love to consider adding them as assistant coaches for a team to take on that role and develop as a coach.