Common Questions

Is the Warriors a good fit for players who have never played lacrosse? 
Absolutely!  We are proud to work with kids at all skill levels, especially at the youth levels kids pick up the sport very quickly so there isn’t much of a gap for long.  We are the most cost-effective option out there by far for kids to try out the sport as well without having to commit lots of money and for a full year!   If new players realize that they love lacrosse, then they stick with it and can become as invested as they’d like!

Are players required to participate on Warrior Select teams?  
Warrior Select is a bonus team that is completely optional.  It is basically a higher level experience for kids who want that.  There is no reason young kids who are just trying out the sport should be forced into paying lots of money to travel to big tournaments, but of course this is available to our upper-level players.

With open registration but limited space on teams, how does this process work?
Since we work with players at all levels, we do not have “tryouts” and do open registration.  We do require a minumum of 18 players on a team and we also limit each Warriors team to just 22 players though to be sure kids get the attention necessary.  We open registration for returning players about 2 weeks before new players so they have the opportunity to stay involved with the club.  Once 22 players in a class (20 field players and 2 goalies) have registered, all other kids are placed on the “waiting list.”  Once there are 18 players on a waiting list, we will add an additional team for the class.

Does the Warriors give my son exposure for colleges?
Right now, we don’t work with players in high school and frankly recruiting of kids prior to high school is not something we support.  While kids on the “Warrior Select” team playing in competitive tournaments and traveling do get exposure, it is not the primary purpose of the experience.  Players/parents who have a focus in this area should definitely be part of a “showcase” club team as well as or in place of the Warriors because exposure is a primary purpose for those kinds of teams.

When and where are team practices?
Warrior Teams have practices each week during each Session.  Our primary practice location is now in the Sandy/Draper Area, but our goal is to have “North teams” who practice at Sunnyside Park and “South Teams” who practice in Sandy/Draper.  This is of course dependent on registration.  For the full practice schedule, it is best to check the Session Information Page or just look at the calendar once it is posted.

Is it alright if my player plays with another club/team at the same time they are playing with the Warriors? 
Yes.  Our philosophy is that a “multi-level” experience is the best for player development.  There are 3 levels of club lacrosse, Recreational, Competitive, and “Elite/Showcase.”  Currently, we are focused on the recreational and the competitive levels because that is where most players are in Utah.  We want players to experience situations where they are the higher-level players and need to step up and play a valuable role and we also want them to be challenged and learn how to fit in certain roles with a team, the recreational and competitive levels accomplish this.

How are Warrior teams divided?  Is it by age or class?  Can I play up/down?
Warrior Teams are separated by grade level and occasionally for tournaments two classes may be combined into one team, particularly for Warrior Select teams.    We do not allow kids to “play up” or play in other divisions – there are certain times when kids may benefit from this experience but as a permanent placement it has been proven over and over to be detrimental not only to the player, but the other kids on the teams.   We want players to have experiences where they are challenged as well as those where they stand out a bit – this provides a great all around developmental experience.

Are there any extra costs to playing in the Warriors Club?
There are no other requirements than the Registration fee and the cost of the required uniform items.