Learn about the Utah Warriors!

Our mission is to provide young lacrosse players in Utah with the absolute best lacrosse experience imaginable.  With coaching staff that is simply unmatched from extensive lacrosse experience both playing and coaching, we provide the resources and opportunities to develop kids into high-level lacrosse players.

The Utah Warriors is a Lacrosse Club specifically for boys who have not yet entered 9th grade in Utah.  We have opportunities for players at every skill level from brand new to the sport to the most elite of their age group.  We teach players the fundamentals that prepare them for their high school careers with their school teams and the various High-School club teams in the state.

Annual Sessions:

Instead of simply a year-around experience, we offer two 8-week sessions each calendar year, a “Summer Session” and a “Fall Session.”  This format allows us to offer a more “year-around option” while also allowing our players the chance to be involved in other sports and activities without conflict.  Players participation in each session is completely independent of participation in another session.

         Summer Session Dates:     June 1st – July 31st

         Fall Session Dates:    September 15th – November 15th

Our Program

Though common practice these days, we are not interested in just attracting and coaching players already playing at a high-level.  Instead, we work with players at all skill levels, and develop them into high-level players.  To achieve this, we provide two unique experiences:  the Warrior Academy and Warrior Club Teams.

The Warrior Academy

The Warrior Academy offers a new and amazing opportunity for young players in Utah.  It provides players at any skill level a very affordable opportunity to develop their individual skills.   The Academy is based on the 3d Lacrosse curriculum and employs it’s proven methodology which is proven to be extremely effective and efficient in developing fundamentals and making rapid progress.

The Academy meets 2 times per week throughout each Session.  Each practice session is run by our unrivaled coaching staff along with dozens of current college players who are working on their coaching certification which provides the most comprehensive guidance, and individualized attention imaginable.

  • Open player registration, no tryouts to join the Academy (but space is very limited!)
  • Open to players of any skill-level in/entering grades 3-8.
  • Amazing maximum of a 8:1 player:coach ratio!

Warrior Club Teams

Another opportunity available is for kids to play on our youth club teams.  These teams provide both a “recreational” and a “competitive” level experience.  Each team has two separate weekly practices and competes in a number of local and travel events each session.  Players on a team roster are strongly encouraged to also participate in the Warrior Academy in addition to their team practices.

Team Rosters:

The way we manage our team roster(s) assures all players on our teams plenty of attention, practice reps, and game experience, but also challenges them and rewards attendance, effort, and progress.

Full Team / “Rec Tournament” Rosters:

Each Warrior team has 40 players on the full team roster.  This number allows for each team to have full-practices and inter-squad scrimmages on a regular basis, to fill 2 rosters for all “rec” tournaments (usually of approximately 18 players) as well as fill a competitive team roster for all “comp” events.  All players on the team roster participates in all “rec” events – it is included with being on the team, and to assure plenty of playing time and opportunity, each team is divided into two rosters for each “rec” tournament.                                      

“Comp Tournament” Rosters:

Rosters for “comp events” may have up to 20 players so players who are interested in playing in each event will simply register, and then the coaching staff selects a roster of 20 players based on the following criteria:
                Criteria 1: Player’s recent attendance, participation, & attitude at practices and events
                Criteria 2: The personnel needs of each roster for the respective event. 
                Criteria 3: The skill-level of each respective player.  

How To Join

To join the Warrior Academy for a particular session, players can just simply register online as soon as registration opens for each session.  Registration is open as long as there is space available.

To join the roster of a Warrior Club team, players must simply attend one of the tryout sessions for the respective session!

View the “Sessions” Menu for information on the current and upcoming sessions.